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About Shanghai Chase Financial Valley

Shanghai Chase Financial Valley Group Co., Ltd. is an innovative operator of financial services industry, with registered capital of 100 million rmb. The business covers the various fields, include financial service outsourcing, financial information services, financial assets investment, industrial investment, financial infrastructure construction and management, etc.

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  • One Financial City

    Layout of the new model of the whole financial industrial chain
  • Two Trading Centers

    New Financial Transactions Platform
  • Three Innovation of Systems

    Innovate Financial Services Industry
  • Four Core Functions

    Explore the New Era of Big Data
  • Five Types of Service Platforms

    Integrate the advantage resources of enterprises
新金融业务 新金融业务
New Financial Business
招待商务服务 招商服务中心
全通孵化器 全通孵化器
Chase Incubation Center
金融谷全通贷 全通金服
Chase Financial Services

Business Partners

  • 嘉定工业区
  • 服务业联合会
  • 浙商银行
  • 新华网
  • 陆家嘴金融网
  • 第一财经
  • 和讯网
  • 电讯盈科
  • 中国工商银行
  • IBM
  • 华为
  • 上海市互联网协会
  • 上海银行
  • 中国建设银行
  • 江苏银行
  • 新民晚报